iran, leading the blogosphere

Oh, this is amazing...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, has a blog.

As my wife pointed out over my shoulder, now the real political leaders of the world not only have speech-writers, they must have blog-writers.

My paternal family name notwithstanding, I'm no fan of the Imams. Even so, their chess game played on the entire world over the past few decades (during all of my adult life, at least) has been brilliant. They've played the pieces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now the Levant, pulling in China, Russia, India, and even Europe to argue their side, while cutting a deal with the US under the table. For the punchline, they timed their endgame during a faltering Republican administration.

In comparison, the US has lagging media savvy. Hillary Clinton's blog seems like an f-ing joke, though John McCain's blog at least seems to represent the guy. Guiliani has no clue about blogs, apparently.

Reading the post by Ahmadinejad, admittedly the Iranians who stood up against Iraq - with the US and its "friends" antagonizing from all sides - showed more cojones than have ever been observed in Tel Aviv or Washington, DC. As were those who stood up to the "Shah", which I'm grateful was removed from this world. I guess that after compromising the Bush legacy this way, the next monster in line for Iran to defeat may be Wal-Mart :)

You know, I'm proud to be (half) Iranian, but today in particular I am really proud.

I'm sorry about warfare in the Levant, and especially sorry about the horror brought on beautiful Lebanon - but that horror will never end anyway until the US recognizes Syria, while pulling the pants off Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Of course, cutting the US dependency on petroleum will do that anyway. It's only a matter of time.

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