sufi coffee shop

On a recent trip to Palo Alto, I had missed nearly a full day and a half without an actual meal. There were too many hassles enroute and then lots of exciting work to discuss, once I got on the ground.

By the time I had a chance to call home and then get a little food, not much around my hotel was open (or looked any good). I wandered, frustrated and hungry. Amazingly, here in the heart of Silicon Valley, I stumbled upon a jewel called Sufi coffee shop. After I ordered an enormous amount of food, the proprietor, Parviz Rasti, looked at me carefully and asked, "Have you not eaten in days?" "Actually," I replied, "not in about 1.5 days!"

Okay, this place has wonderful food - huge portions, great quality, reasonably low price. Even more wonderful is the ambience and the spirit of the place.

I'm hungry now, I'm heading back to Silicon Valley soon, and I'm looking forward to visiting Sufi.

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