first day at the new job

As some of my friends have recently noticed (from profiles on LinkedIn, etc.) I've got a new employer.

Of course, many folks have asked me, "How does one get hired by S.P.E.C.T.R.E., anyway?" Well, it's a long, involved process – lemme tell you. I actually got hired years ago, and have been moonlighting there on the sly. Hey, it happens. Silicon Valley was built out of that kind of "resourcefulness".

Anywhoo, I figured it was time to commit, go full-time, and moreover go public with my affiliation. My grandpa always said, if you're gonna swim a river right, you gotta jump in with both feet. Or something.

The thing is, even though our prime objective at S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is world domination, and the prevalence of evil over good, etc., we really have a lot of latitude in our daily work life. I mean, the corporate campus is awesome! Who cares about being at the Googleplex? We get to work inside a secret volcano base. With atomic-powered peoplemovers. Access not only to a ginormous cloud computing facility, but to all the banking IT in the world. Ninjas instead of silly security guards and Wakenhuts. Hell, we've even got Fem Bots in the break room!

But I digress.

It's not all guts and glory. We still have to follow process (which is killer) and meet our milestones. Those can be grueling, especially when that giant dude with the bad metal teeth starts lurking around right before deadline. The benefits plan is amazing though – free travel around the world, staying at some of the most fantastics resorts. Overall, serving evil a pretty good deal.

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